Important Points to Add to Your Moving To-Do List

Whether you are moving across town, the state or the country, here are a few quick points that you should remember when creating your to-do checklist.

Packing is Best Done in Stages

Anyone who has ever moved before knows that one of the most overwhelming parts is the packing – especially if you decide to do your packing all at once. The best approach is to pack your belongings in stages. Plan to start your packing as far in advance as possible. Focus on the things that you want to take, but hardly ever use and then work your way up to the things you use every day. This will keep the overall load as light as possible.

Take the Necessary Precautions to Ensure Safety

Another benefit of starting the packing process in advance is that you will have more time to focus on precautionary steps and safety. Most injuries and incidents of property damage are caused by rushing to get finished and risking safety to do so. Take the time to properly pack your fragile items – such as dolls, decorations and delicate kitchenware.

Plan for Automobile Transportation Strategically

It is easy to think that you can handle transporting your vehicles on your own. Perhaps you and your spouse have decided to split up the responsibility between the two of you. Instead of keeping your family separated during this extensive road trip (especially if you are crossing state lines along the way) perhaps you should consider investing in a nationwide auto transport option. In addition to saving on gas and mileage, you can focus more on traveling to your new home than coming up with complicated travel plans to accommodate for multiple vehicles.

nationwide auto transport

Keep Your Family Informed from Start to Finish

You may have everything planned perfectly in your head and on paper, but have you shared that information with your family? A lack of communication or the transfer of incorrect information can cause chaos and confusion to emerge within your family and complicate the overall moving process in general.